March Employee of the Month: Louis Cosnotti

We are happy to announce that for the month of March, Louis Cosnotti, has been selected as the National Contributor of the Month. Louis works as a Beer Merchandiser and was nominated by multiple co-workers for his high level of job performance, phenomenal/positive attitude and his initiative in the workplace.

To highlight, here are just a few things that were said about Louis during his nomination:

“Louis has been chosen as our March Employee of the Month winner due to his initiative in the workplace, his high level of job performance and the quality customer service he offers both accounts and Sales Reps alike.”

“Louis has been a great asset to the National Distributors team and has further improved relationships with managers at all the stores he visits. From Day 1 of taking on a new location Louis has been going above and beyond to represent National in the best light, working hard and taking that extra step to ensure customer satisfaction for customers and managers.”

“Louis has been described as an “all-star” and his commitment has been noticed by fellow employees and accounts. Hannaford Scarborough had a very important corporate visit and asked if we would be able to get the store in “Grand Opening” conditions by 7 am. Louis, with zero hesitation, made his way there extra early and the store was incredibly thankful for that commitment.”

“The attention to detail that Louis pays is top-notch, and his communication skills with his Sales Reps goes a long way in building the National image. He is consistently checking in and relaying any pertinent information back that will help to better our image and grow the business. Louis is a forward thinker, and the National Distributors team is lucky to have him on the team.

Congratulations to Louis Cosnotti for being recognized as the March Employee of the month!