Plan Ahead for a Safe Holiday Season: Decide to Ride

‘Tis the season for celebrating! We know that many of you out there celebrate the holidays with good food and good company. Before you are enjoying your holiday get-togethers, take responsible steps to have a game plan on driving. We want to remind you about the Decide to Ride campaign in an effort to ensure you have a safe time celebrating responsibly when alcohol is involved.

This campaign is centered around the idea that “you can’t drive drunk if you don’t drive there,” encouraging everyone to plan ahead for a safe ride home before the evening even begins. Through our partnership with Uber, we’re offering even more incentives to Decide To Ride.

No one intends to drive drunk. We’ve all seen the ads, the devastation, the impact. But, when most people make that decision to drive drunk, they aren’t thinking clearly. They’re not their true selves in that moment, and so they make the devastating decision to drive drunk. But, what if that wasn’t even an option? What if we appealed to people before they even took that first sip? Because if you don’t bring your car to the bar in the first place, you can’t drive it home. right?

We encourage everyone to join us in our mission to put an end to alcohol-impaired driving. Decide to Ride is about planning ahead for a safe ride home before you even take your first sip.

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As always, please drink responsibly!