November Employee of the Month: Parker Paul

We are happy to announce that for the month of November, Parker Paul, has been selected as the National Contributor of the Month. Parker works as a Non-Alc Merchandiser and was nominated by multiple co-workers for his high level of job performance, phenomenal/positive attitude and his initiative in the workplace.

To highlight, here are just a few things that were said about Parker during his nomination:

“Parker is one of our newest merchandisers, but he did not hesitate to jump in when he saw the opportunity. The Non-Alc team had a lot of moving pieces and coverage situations a few weeks back that were handled smoothly when Parker stepped up to the plate. Together with a couple of other Non-Alc team members they helped out their fellow employees by holding down the fort and covering all of the stores that required merchandising.”

“Parker worked hard by taking extra stores with a smile on his face and an eager attitude. He embodies the “one team, one dream” mentality that we strive for here at National.”

“Parker has been key to making it work this week, that’s why I believe he’s earned this recognition

Congratulations to Parker Paul for being recognized as the November Employee of the month!