Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with these Irish Beers

We are excited to offer some of the best Irish Stouts and Red Ales around. Many of these are proudly brewed locally in Maine. A lot of these beers are limited and have seasonal availability, so be sure to check them out while you can. Please reach out to your sales rep FMI on what is available.

As always, please drink responsibly. St. Patrick’s day is on Sunday, March 17th. Plan ahead for a safe ride home if you will be out celebrating.

Atlantic Coal Porter
When we decided to add a dark beer to our repertoire we chose to pursue the rich, chocolate tones of a porter. This ale continues to gather accolades in the beer world for its strong malt backbone and well-balanced, bitter hops.

Banded Lightbringer
Malt-forward with notes of strawberry, pine, bitter citrus, sage, + cookie dough.

Banded Mo Chara
An Irish Red Ale with notes of toasted bread, graham cracker, malt balls, and nougat taking turns with each sip before a clean, dry finish.

Banded Norweald
Inspired by our playground, the North Woods of Maine. Covers the spread of dark malt flavors perfectly: dark chocolate, burnt toffee, cream + caramel.

Bunker Chickadee Nitro
Our take on a tradition UK Pub Ale. Delicate and balanced with a touch of caramel sweetness. Smooth and build for sessions. Draft should be poured on a Nitrogen/CO2 blend and proper faucet.

Bunker Libbytown Brown
American Brown Ale. Slightly sweet, piney with notes of baker’s chocolate and dark fruits. A combination of a classic UK style blended with American hops.

Bunker Oatmeal Stout 
Full bodied with a creamy mouthfeel that gives way to layers of bitter-sweet chocolate and toffee. Draft should be poured on a Nitrogen/CO2 blend and proper faucet; Cans should be shaken before opening for the classic Nitro cascading effect.

Bunker Trashmaster
Imperial Stout brewed with select UK base malts as well as roasted and chocolate malts which leads to an intense dark fruit and leather aroma. Warm notes of caramel and baking spice dominate the flavor.

Fogtown Night Nurse
Flagship American Stout. Dry and refreshing despite heavy notes of deep dark-chocolate and richly roasted malted-barley. Brewed with Maine-grown organic oats and dark chocolate malts.

Geaghan Bros. Brewing Higgins Irish Red
Malt forward flavors. This slightly sweet red ale gives a nod to tradition and Irish American families. Honoring John Higgins, a Civil War soldier who fought with the 20th of Maine.

Lake St. George Danny’s Oatmeal Stout
Oatmeal, wheat and flaked barley give this beer a luscious mouthfeel and fluffy cream-colored head. Hops and malt are balanced perfectly in this one to create a beer with a satisfying roasty flavor and a slightly dry finish.

Maine Beer Company King Titus
Titus was a wonderful, bold silverback gorilla who led with his heart. The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund studies and protects these magnificent animals in Rwanda. Maine Beer Company proudly supports their efforts. Porter with aromas of toffee, dark chocolate and tobacco..

Maine Beer Company Mean Old Tom
Brewed in honor of the Kleban brothers’ Uncle Tom, his magnificent beer can collection and his spirit for fast cars, tough motorcycles and mean smiles. Aromas of vanilla, coffee and roasted cereal with notes of dark chocolate.

Orono Brewing Classic Stout
Our take on a timeless classic. We pulled inspiration from our favorite aspects of the traditional Stout styles and created this full-bodied and bold Stout featuring Thomas Fawcett UK roasted malts, flaked oats and local grains.

Orono Brewing Woodman’s Red Ale
Brewed in honor of the place where Orono Brewing got its start. Woodman’s Red Ale is a smooth drinking ale with a malt focus and a touch of hops.

Oxbow Brewing Farmhouse Amber
Farmhouse Amber Ale is an English-style amber ale fermented with house saison yeast.

Oxbow Brewing Nightfall
Nightfall is a dark lager brewed with flaked barley and midnight wheat.

Sacred Profane Amber 
Sacred Profane is a lager brewery specializing in two beers, pale lager & dark lager. We use traditional old-world brewing techniques and custom designed equipment to create beers that are “Worth Holding On To”.

Sacred Profane Dark Lager 
A session lager with malt complexity, complementary roast character, spicy hop flavor and immense drinkability.

Left Hand Brewing Company Peanut Butter Milk 
Our classic Milk Stout’s aromas of roasted coffee, milk chocolate, brown sugar and vanilla cream combine with the sweet and savory flavors of peanut butter. The nitro mouthfeel caresses your palate smoother than a spoonful of creamy peanut butter.

Left Hand Brewing Company Wake Up Dead 
Good Morning. You’ve woken up dead. You’re in ruins. But don’t be discouraged. Here’s a black stout to brighten your day. It’s deadly delicious with dark chocolate cake aromas and hints of dried fruit, licorice, and coffee. It’s a beast of a beer you’ll crave from beyond the grave.

Murphys Irish Stout 
Since 1856, Murphy’s Stout still remains true to its roots in Cork “Rebel” County Ireland. The Murphy brothers crafted a genuine dry Irish-style stout that was both a birthright and a passion. Each jet black pint is filled with the character and resilience of the Irish spirit.

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