February Employee of the Month: Eric Garland

We are happy to announce that for the month of February, Eric Garland has been selected as the National Contributor of the Month. Eric is one of our Beer Sales Reps and was nominated by multiple co-workers due to his initiative in the workplace, his positive attitude and his consistent dedication to quality customer service.

To highlight, here are just a few things that were said about Eric during his nomination:

“Eric is one of the hardest working sales reps at National Distributors. He consistently arrives at his first account by 6:30 am and always puts in a full day. He is as reliable as they come and has transformed himself into a leader and mentor for younger sales reps. Retailers not only like Eric, but more importantly they trust him. Eric ALWAYS finishes near the top with sales incentives and PFP Objectives.”

“Eric has a great attitude. When asked to do something there’s never a question or concern that he’ll execute without pushback or negativity. He always has insight information when it comes to pricing and programming in the market and communicates this regularly with team members. His years of experience both as a driver and salesman have developed him into a savvy veteran leader for our sales team. When new sales assistants get hired, he’s always the first rep we have them train/work with.”

“Eric goes above and beyond when it comes to his communication with co-workers, management and retailers. He takes the initiative to communicate pricing, authorizations and delivery issues to management regularly so that it can be addressed promptly and efficiently. We are lucky to have such a driven and devoted salesperson on the team for National.

Congratulations to Eric Garland for being recognized as the February Employee of the month!