November Employee of the Month: Steve Hamilton

We are happy to announce that for the month of November, Steve Hamilton has been selected as the National Contributor of the Month. Steve is a Delivery Driver and was nominated by multiple co-workers due to his high level of job performance, his positive attitude, and his initiative in the workplace.

To highlight, here are just a few things that were said about Steve during his nomination:

“Steve is always thinking of others with his actions, his communication, and his overall caring nature. Steve traditionally has Wednesdays off, which is the supermarket delivery day for the drivers and an overall large day. Every Tuesday before Steve goes home for the day, he checks in with the Customer Service & Logistics team to ensure that they don’t need any extra help and that they’ll all be set for the next morning. Steve is extremely consistent in his showing up for all members of the National team.”

“Another example of Steve’s thoughtfulness, as well as his commitment to safety occurred at the end of not only a long workday but a work week, when everyone was thinking about the weekend and going home to relax. Another employee had suffered an incident and Steve jumped into action, calling customer service and stating that they needed to call for assistance. He stayed with the injured employee and made sure that they were okay and didn’t move until response had arrived. Steve has a very calming and kind nature that really helped in such a situation.”

“Steve is always going above and beyond not only for his team members but for National Distributors as a whole. Steve is a real company man and we’re very lucky to have him.

Congratulations to Steve Hamilton for being recognized as the November Employee of the month!