Announcing the August Employees of the Month!

We are happy to announce that for the month of August, Alex Giannos, Colin Hayward, Cory Smith and Nick DePalma have been selected as the National Contributors of the Month. They were nominated for their initiative in the workplace and their positive attitudes.

To highlight, here are just a few things that were said about Pete and Will during their nomination:

“Everyone in the company gets pulled in different directions during the busy season, but none were done so more than these guys. After completing their regular duties, they would come to help select in the warehouse. This led to some long days of tough physical work”.

“These four have been invaluable to the company in August. They have stepped up day after day when we needed some extra help in the warehouse, all while being expected to maintain the same level of work quality in their current positions.”

“These guys went above and beyond for the company. We wouldn’t have made it without their help.”

“Each day they stopped in to help they did so with a smile on their face and always mentioned they were glad to help the team. Their positive attitudes and above-and-beyond work ethic really made the difference in what could have otherwise been a tough situation. Selecting is tough physical work, especially in the summer, and it also involves quick thinking and creativity. We are lucky to have such hard-working and attentive employees with positive mindsets. These four really embody “One Team, One Dream.”

Congratulations to Alex, Colin, Cory and Nick for being recognized as the August Employees of the month!