August Employee of the Month: Chris Mancini

We are happy to announce that for the month of August, Chris Mancini has been selected as the National Contributor of the Month. Chris works as a Merchandising Lead and was nominated by multiple co-workers for his high level of job performance, phenomenal / positive attitude, quality customer service and attendance.

To highlight, here are just a few things that were said about Chris during his nomination:

“Chris is always making sure that everything is done and done in a way that will benefit everyone else around him. He goes above and beyond by reorganizing backstock pallets. He also calls every day to find out if there are other employees that need help before he ends his day.”

“Chris is excellent at helping where it is needed and checking up on the others to find out what they might need. He is always willing to pick up extra shifts on the weekends. Chris has made significant contributions to training employees, and even retraining employees to make sure they succeed in their position.”

“Chris is great at boosting the morale of team members around him. He comes in everyday with a positive attitude. When employees feel that they are not doing well enough, he is able to boost their spirits but showing them shortcuts to make their job easier. Chris always leads by example in every way possible.”

Congratulations to Chris Mancini for being recognized as the August Employee of the month!