National Distributors is #HereForYou

These are unprecedented times, but the American Beverage Association has started a campaign that we at NDI can get behind: #HereForYou

Our workforce is tirelessly working on the frontlines to deliver and keep beverages stocked at our retailers. This is a list of some of the reasons that this industry is essential during this time (source) :

  1. Our country is experiencing an unprecedented demand for basic necessities, such as food and beverages.
  2. The hardworking men and women of the non-alcoholic beverage industry are on the front lines in providing for the needs of our communities and are working around the clock to transport beverages from bottling plant to retailer and into the hands on consumers.
  3. Our workforce is replenishing and restocking shelves daily, if not more frequently, to ensure consumers have a constant and adequate supply of food and beverages.
  4. Beverage industry workers are delivering essential goods such as bottle water, teas, sports drinks and other functional beverages, as well as beverages that provide electrolytes, antioxidants and other vitamins and minerals.
  5. Our workers are supporting groceries, pharmacies and other retailers who are crucial to meeting the needs of households across the country.

Please take a moment to watch the Video recognizing the essential workers of the beverage industry.

Thank you to all the employees at NDI working together to ensure that business can continue in our community.

For more information please check out the American Beverage Association’s Covid-19 response.